Jonathan Sothcott (Producer)

“Jonathan is carving out a niche as one of the most prolific producers of British action movies” – The Hollywood Reporter

“A film producer behind a whole new generation of on-­screen hardmen” ­– GQ

Jonathan is one of the UK’s most successful independent film producers. His movie, the critically acclaimed Vendetta starring frequent collaborator Danny Dyer was the biggest selling UK indie film on DVD in 2013. Jonathan is recognised as a dynamic entrepreneur within the film industry as well as the wider business community.

At 35 he has produced more than two dozen movies and worked with a galaxy of stars including Ray Winstone, Kierston Wareing, Rik Mayall, Robert Englund, Mark Hamill, Jamie Winstone and of course Danny Dyer with whom he has made 7 films as well as the blockbuster special interest DVD Danny Dyer’s Football Foul Ups. In 2014 he was Executive Producer on the stage show How A Middle Class Feminist Fell In Love With Danny Dyer.

Jonathan won Best Producer two years in a row at the British Horror Film Awards and the special British Lion Award at the British Indepdent Film Festival in 2012. He won Best Producer at the British Independent Film Festival again in 2014 for Top Dog, which swept the board.

When he isn’t making films he occasionally writes about them too – his latest book, The Films of Danny Dyer’ was published at the end of 2013 and lauded as “strangely delightful” by The Telegraph.

He recent wrapped on Bonded By Blood 2 starring Sam Strike and Casey Batchelor and We Still Steal The Old Way, the sequel to his Christmas 2014 DVD hit We Still Kill The Old Way.