Matt Western (Casting)

Matt Western is a highly respected Casting Director with more than 20 years of experience in film and television.

Matt studied Law at Cambridge University (Jesus College), gaining a BA (Hons). He then spent several years qualifying to be a solicitor, and was admitted as an honourable member of the Law Society in 1995.

Further to qualifying, Matt switched professions and spent several years working as a Casting Assistant. He worked on many high-end television dramas including the last ever Inspector Morse (John Thaw), The Sins (Pete Postlethwaite), Gormenghast (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and My Uncle Silas (Albert Finney)

After starting to work for himself in 2000, Matt continued to work in high-end television drama and also British Indie features. He worked on 55 Degrees North (Don Gilet), Class of ’76 (Robert Carlyle), Coup! (Jared Harris), Affinity (Amanda Plummer, Anne Reid) and The Roman Mysteries (Simon Callow).

Matt has also worked on high-end British, European and US Indie features, including The Rise (Luke Treadaway, Iwan Rheon) and Golden Years (Bernard Hill, Sue Johnston, Alun Armstrong), Paul Verhoeven’s Black Book and Paula van der Oest’s Hidden Flaws.

Matt is a full member of BAFTA

Asked about his approach to casting, Matt says:

“I have been a Casting Director for television and film drama for many years and possess a wide ranging and thorough knowledge of all aspects of the casting process; from initial cast suggestions and advice on casting budgets to organizing smoothly run casting sessions and concluding final contractual negotiations.

I have a comprehensive and widespread knowledge of actors and actresses and maintain excellent working relationships with all the major theatrical agencies in the UK, US and Europe; providing me with full access to the best acting talent available, both established and upcoming.

I believe passionately about the quality of service I provide. I deal with all aspects of the casting procedure personally and do not delegate important responsibilities or decision making to assistants or others. I run all my casting sessions in person.

From the outset of the casting process to it’s conclusion, I possess the ability, enthusiasm and dedication to ensure that the procedure is professional, efficient, enjoyable and, most importantly, successful.”